My Well-Rounded Life

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My Well-Rounded Life

Postby Persephone » Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:42 am

I finally have a tool that's working for me. I've been using it for weeks now, wanting to have tested it before sharing it. The idea is the same as I've seen others share: one place to track all of your projects and plans. The method is what makes it work for me though. Barbara gave me some great tools in RTC, but I've had trouble sticking with them for various reasons, very small things that made the tools hard for me personally to use as often as I really should've. This idea of mine is inspired by many of the tools she suggested and my own need to keep balance in my life.

I sat down recently and listed the important areas of my life, the categories I want to always have something going in, in order to have that balance I need. I came up with eight categories: Mind, Body, Spirit, Home, Husband, Sharing, Living, Dreams. I wound a ribbon around some pins on a piece of cork board and made an octagon with one of those headings at the top of each section. Then I sat down with some scrap paper and wrote every damn little thing I've been wanting to do for weeks now on little pieces of paper, and I pinned them under the appropriate heading. When I got done, the board was full, except for one empty category. I thought to myself, \"AH-HA! There's the source of this unbalanced feeling!\" and I came up with a few more things I could be working on that would fit in that category.

The nice thing is, any time I want a reminder of what I have cooking these days, I can just look at the board. It's all purged from my head now that I have a good place to keep it. I can add to it and pull things down and rearrange at will. All my life I've felt I had so much chaos in my head, juggling ideas I fear forgetting, trying to keep track of everything I wanted and needed to do, and now I keep it all on scraps of paper pinned to a 12x12\" piece of cork. I've had it on my desk for two weeks now, and I'm still completely loving it, which is a significant record. I give you, my brain on cork:

I call it my \"well-rounded life\". Since I've taken that photo, I've pulled down three completed projects (THREE! -COMPLETED-!!! YAY!) and put up six new ideas. It's holding steady right there though. I have a few of more of those little scraps about to come down, other things I've managed to make a lot of headway on, but there it all is. At any moment I want to be working on any one of those things. Now instead of spending so much energy just trying to keep track of them, I've been able to come take a peek whenever I'm ready to work on something different, and feel good about picking any of the available options. This silly little board is holding all the stress of remembering and prioritizing for me. It's all fair game now. I love my well-rounded life.
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Postby RavenWolf » Mon Jun 18, 2007 7:01 pm

That's wonderful!!! I'm so glad you've found something that's been helpful!
Good for you! :D

I've tried several different things over the years. Making lists. Posting them on bright colored paper on my fridge. Even putting little notes in my phone as reinforcement of things I need to do to get moving forward with my life. Nothing's really worked so far. I just seem to be in one gigantic slump.

I've considered making something similar to what you've described. I just don't know how. I have a vision of a chart, or pages of a website, or something, with pictures and other visual cues. Each part of my life that I have a vision for would have its own \"room\". The background for each page would be a room in a house. Different color & decor to represent whatever area this is in. And, written out would be the lists of what I want to get done, some of the info I've gathered so far, pictures of progress, etc.

I just don't know how to do that...and I don't want the thing that's supposed to help to turn into yet ANOTHER project that waits to get done!

Re: My Well-Rounded Life

Postby Layla » Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:21 am

WOW!! Love it!!

My Mum went for a cork board recently too, we haven't divided it into separate areas yet though - but it's been really helpful for eliminating the scattered paper off the tables and kitchen counters!

I've been thinking about something like that too, not sure whether to use fabric or cork or.. :)

It's great to see pictures of things that really work!!
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Postby Britta » Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:39 am

Hi RavenWolf
I know the feeling.......
have you tried "The Now Habit", Neil Fiore
subtitle: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play
often very successful for people who cannor work with ordinary time systems/schedules

Time Management for unmanageable people-is also a good one
Good luck!
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