I want to go to university but I'm not sure what to study

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I want to go to university but I'm not sure what to study

Postby firepoppy » Sat May 24, 2008 1:24 am

Hello evryone. My name is Katie, I'm 24 and from Newcastle, England. I've just read "What do I do When I Want to do Everything?" (is this "Refuse to Choses" with a different title?) and it's completely me! I must eb a scanner! this explains so much! I'm so glad to have this understanding of myself now.

I've suffered from depression and anxiety for a long time. It was first diagnosed in 2001 when I was 17 but I think I was depressed even when I was 14. I've been to college manmy times and usually drop out due to depression. I think a small part odf my depresison has been because I can't find my prupose or what I want to do with ym life. A bigger oart is my low self esteem and I have been working hard to boost my self love and self esteem.

I have A levels in Psychology and Religious Studies and AS levels (the first half of an A Level) in Socilogy, English Lit and Maths. I did the first year of a psychology degree at uni but dropped out. I loved almost all subjects at schooland I loved the variety. Last Septemeber I decided to go back to college to do HEFC (higher education foundation courses - like an A Level but only in one year not 2) maths so I could go to uni to study maths. It was my favorite subject at school and I got A* (highest grade) in my GCSE but in my AS level I got an E because I didn't try - it didn't interest me anymore. I also decided to do 2 more HEFCs to be a full time sdudent. i had trouble picking my subjects but I eventually decidecd on English Language because I missed writing essays and IT because although I'm good with computers I don't have any IT qualifications. I loved maths and got 98% in my first exam but I hated IT and began to dislike English and I dropped out again due to my depression.

My newest plan was to get a second part time job (still trying) and to do HEFC maths in September and go to uni to do maths. My previous qualifiactions should mean I can get in to uni ok. I want to do maths and have a year studying abroad in the USA or Canada as I love the modular system over there where you can study modules that aren't in your own course. But now I'm wondering if I should do single honours maths and perhaps I would be better suited to a joint honours degree. But then what would my second subject be? I was thinking American Studies or Religious Studies. I wish there was a way to get a degree without specialising in one or two subjects.

I hjave no idea what to do after my degree but I know I want to go to uni. I love learning. Does any have any ideas or advice please?
Thank you,
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Re: I want to go to university but I'm not sure what to study

Postby winterfresh47 » Sat May 31, 2008 8:39 am

I've had a very similar experience as yours. I've been to various colleges and universities for the past seven years, changing my major course of study, and in most situations my school, almost each term. Math was always one of my best and favorite subjects as well, but after one term of taking math, I find myself uninterested for awhile. I generally take one math course every other year. I can't seem to decide what subject to major in either, because I find so many interesting, and find myself unable to commit to any one for more than a couple months.

My advice to you is to give maths a try if in your heart that's what you want to do right now. If you get bored, it's ok. Just move on to something else. It can get very expensive, of course, so keep that in mind. But if you find yourself really liking and sticking with maths, then perhaps you could be a university professor. You could teach, and continue learning in maths. This was one of my career goals, but I realized I cannot commit to any one subject for very long periods of time, and so there's no way I could ever complete a Bachelor's degree in a timely manner, much less a PhD. I think I'm going to be a librarian at university. I know I want to work at a place where learning is greatly valued.

Another option is a double major. Or you could even choose minors in subjects you can't seem to commit to in a major, but still find interest in.

If you find yourself torn in many directions at once, do as Barbara suggests: don't choose! Take coursework in as many interests as you can fit in your schedule! Some universities offer general degrees in Liberal Studies or Liberal Arts. These degrees allow a person to take a large variety of courses, largely electives. They usually do not require choosing one major discipline.

I hoped I helped at least a little bit. I spent the past seven years tormenting myself, trying to get myself to fit in with everyone else. I spent those seven years, and a lot of money, trying to choose one major, one passion, one career. It's just not what's right for a scanner.

I guess my bottom line is don't be afraid to refuse to choose. Refusing to force yourself down a path that isn't quite right is in itself a choice.

Best of luck!

- Jessica
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Re: I want to go to university but I'm not sure what to study

Postby Mogkoli » Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:12 am

I had a similar issue, but found a couple of University's that offer a Bachelor in General Studies - you can do 2 majors and up to 4 minors across any and all subjects. Also good to remember is that you only need a qulification in something for career purposes, for studying personal interest you don't need a degree, so do ALL your favorite subjects for free with MIT Courseshare and save paying for the stuff that will help you professionally.
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