Suggestion (based on real success) = languages

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Suggestion (based on real success) = languages

Postby Nukapai » Tue Feb 27, 2007 3:55 pm

To put it simply: being fluent in more than one language is a HUGELY FLEXIBLE way to add extra income streams into a scanner lifestyle.

I'm re-awakening that aspect of my earning ability at the moment, and now, in context with Barbara's wonderful work, I am beginning to realise that if one has the ability to pick up languages, then that really has to be one of the most useful talents for a scanner to have because you can use it to finance your \"other stuff\".

Just a few examples of how you can earn money with languages:

- Translating (any) documents. This does not usually require great literary ability, but it does obviously demand a certain degree of subject matter expertise and ability to write well. Pay rates can be very good (often based on number of words or pages translated) and you can usually work from home to your own schedule within the deadline requirements.

- Translating literature, marketing copy, web copy, etc. As above, but you should really be a writer first, translator second with this type of material. Can be lucrative and fun (but also high pressure, as clients are likely to insist on high level of attention to detail, require changes on short notice and will not accept work that doesn't feel right to them... and sometimes they will only know what doesn't feel right after they've seen your first draft).

- Interpreting (simultaneous interpreting, or other). Done in person, either over teleconferencing, face-to-face or with larger groups, this type of language usage does obviously demand a certain schedule - but the advantages usually are good rates of pay and the lesser requirement for writing ability and subject matter knowledge.

- Helping any organisation with localisation (does not have to include all of the actual translating and interpreting work, but more about sourcing it locally, helping the organisation avoid pitfalls, helping the organisation avoid cultural faux pas). This suits \"natives\" who have multiple languages very well.

... and so on and so forth. The above are just the immediately obvious ones!

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Postby RavenWolf » Mon Jun 11, 2007 12:55 pm

Well, I HAVE always wanted to learn Native American dialects. Mainly Navajo. But I don't know what good that would do me, or anyone else, considering I live on the opposite side of the country from \"Navajo country\".

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