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Serial Master and Consulting with no credentials?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:41 am
by meaganoff
Hi all--

Re-examining my Scannerness for the second time in life. I'm really trying to convince myself that it's okay to be this way, simply because I can't take any more nervous breakdowns and beating myself up for having no body of work. (Yes, I know what RTC says about this - I'm trying to digest, it's just taking a while. I don't believe it yet.)

One good thing: I realized I am a Serial Master. My cycle is roughly: Discover, Research completely, Try, Review, Master, Move on. Sometimes there's a Teach component as well. Depends on the other people involved and the subject.

I like researching meticulously, setting up processes and procedures, getting systems in motion, then letting them spin while I move onto something else.

Mostly I think I'd make a great consultant at... well, any number of things I've mastered.

But how do you get to be a consultant at something you appear to all the outside world to have no (or not much) experience at? How can you market yourself successfully without being considered a laughing stock? Have I got the wrong approach here?

Another concern: I get a new interest and usually I'm quite good compared to people who are already doing it, just because I'm sharp and a researcher and a REALLY hard worker when things hold my interest. But I always feel like I have to appease / get training from / play nice with more established people in the field... even when, in many cases, I KNOW I'm more talented at the craft in question than they are.

I get fed up with playing second fiddle just because I haven't been around as long. I wish I could wire them directly into my brain and say, "See! Look at my ideas, what I want to do, how I have it all planned out! I'm so much more well-researched and prepared than you are! I am your equal, not the new kid on the block!" I get so frustrated I just quit.

Ugh. Thoughts?

Re: Serial Master and Consulting with no credentials?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:25 am
by Zen Lady
I understand exactly what you mean! My first career was teaching English abroad, and I added writing, editing, and translating to that as the years went on. Now, I'm an environmental scientist. But I get a decent income over some of my informational websites.

While I was in grad school, I needed to stretch my in different directions. I started a fun website about Paradise Island: Now, people think I'm an expert on this travel destination!

I also have other website (such as one on landfills and biomethane), but Paradise Island was the first.

Anyway, if you started a niche website (or several, like me), you could establish yourself as an expert in that field. the opportunities are limitless, really. (If you;'re interested, check out my Make Your Own Website page:

With the emergence of the internet, you have so many choices of how to express yourself and generate income, including passive income. It's hard work, but if you choose a niche that you're passionate about, it won't seem hard at all.

Re: Serial Master and Consulting with no credentials?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:22 am
by Layla
Meaganoff, have you read any books on consulting? There seem to be quite a few out there!

Like Zen Lady I noticed too, that if you research a lot and talk about stuff online, and write articles or so, you can be soon considered an expert, if other people know even less about what you're talking about than you do!
It depends to what degree you want to be considered an expert and in what.. Some fields are probably easier and some more difficult to break into. What have you been thinking about?

Zen Lady, WOW, you're an environmental scientist! Can you tell what course of events you took to that? Just the websites or also any 'real' courses or such? Or online courses?

I have another question about consulting. This will sound horrible, but what if you get bored of something (the research or what it takes to give them answers, or the answers aren't so easy to find etc, or you're not sure what to do/how to get the answers they want) and other people might still be counting on you to give them consulting?
If you are both a Sybil and sampler, and some other stuff, both cyclical and sequential - what to do? Does it even make sense to offer consulting (if you're asked for it! and do wish to help out a friend or so-?)
How to keep or increase motivation or inspiration etc?

Re: Serial Master and Consulting with no credentials?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:09 am
by Zen Lady
Hi Layla,

I went to a prestigious university and earned a Master of Science degree! It was so fascinating because Environmental Science is multidisciplinary, so I got to study biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, etc. The hard part was not having a science background. I had to work extra hard - not to mention that I was about 10 years older than the other students.

Many people criticized me for not going on to earn a PhD, but the thought horrifies me. How on earth could I study one specialization for so many years? :jawdrop:

I like to work on my websites (I have 4 now) in the mornings and work on other things in the afternoons! It works out well for me.