A-ha, I think I've finally figured out my main Scanner type

Types are a work in progress, and few Scanners are only one type, but they allow us to talk about the characteristics of Scanners and help you identify your best working style. Here's where you can learn or jump in and bat the idea around with other Scann

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A-ha, I think I've finally figured out my main Scanner type

Postby Nukapai » Sat Feb 10, 2007 5:49 pm

I think Barbara's right in saying that there is some cross-over in her Scanner \"types\", but the ONE chapter that made me nod and smile (and eventually, leap out of my chair) was the Plate Spinner one.


Elizabeth feels best when she's moving fast. In fact, it's actually painful for her to move at a slower pace.

It's hard to care about things that don't have a real-life outcome.

Because they're rarely asked to employ all of their talents, Spinners are in the odd position of being both busy and bored, overworked and underused.

Wow. Yes! That last quote; it's exactly the dilemma I'm often in. Somehow I.. wait, let me completely re-phrase that... I always position or attempt to position myself in a situation where I'm fully engaged. And for me, that can mean things that to others can seem overwhelming or even impossible. My hardest challenge in working life has been trying to get a role where my employers understand that. I always deliver the results, but people just don't know what to \"do\" with me. Some past employers have mis-read my abilities as \"ah, she's done all that work already, so we'll give her more of the same\", which really isn't what I need to be at my best (or happiest).

I often get used to solve crisis or problem situations too - that's never been the main theme of my job, but it's definitely a strong feature.

I enjoy (or: feel the need to) try to help others make order out of chaos. It's one of the little life-mottos I say about myself: \"I can make order out of chaos.\"

Really, really interesting.

Now I've just got to figure out a suitable life model.

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