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I loved Corfu, but the mosquitos and the humidity finally caused us to seek a better place and we found it, in Puglia, an almost undiscovered gem in Southern Italy, a ferry boat ride away from Corfu.

You can read about it and see the new photos on

and I'll post the FAQs I'm sending out to all requests for more information:

Here it is:


Thank you for your interest in Barbara Sher's retreat in Italy, which begins the evening of September 26 and ends at midday on September 30, 2007.

For more information and to register, visit this link:

For even more information, visit this link:

(Be sure to stay alert for any links that lead you to more information. They’re tucked in all over the place.)

Below are the answers to frequently asked questions, compiled by Barbara Sher's son, Matthew, who lives near Puglia (in Corfu, Greece). He will be our logistics assistant for the Italian retreat. If you don’t find your answers here, feel free to contact Matt directly at for additional information. When you arrive in Italy, you can reach his cell phone at (333-861-1364). He’ll be coming to Italy on the 25th.

How do I get to the Retreat? 
You'll make your own flight arrangements. The closest airport is BRINDISI. We’ve checked and they have round-trip flights from New York for $960 with Alitalia. There’s also Eurofly, an airline that flies only between the U.S. and Italy, which often has good fares. You can check them out on their English language website at

If you're coming on Sept 25th or 26th, we can arrange to pick you up from the Brindisi airport. Before (or after) that, you’ll need to take a taxi from the airport to the Masseria. Let us know if you need instructions.

 If you decide to fly to Rome you can take an inexpensive train to the Ostuni Station. Contact us for details.

Will I be rooming with someone or can I stay in a private room?
Because the retreat will be so close to off-season, the owner has offered us as many single rooms as we need at no extra charge, so you can have your own room.

Please note: The hotel won’t be available before the 25th, so if you plan to come before that time, you’ll have to make their own arrangements for accommodations. We advise you to contact the staff directly instead of going through any travel sites, as they are usually much more expensive.

Can you estimate how much the whole thing will cost me?
The tuition for Barbara’s sessions is $2000 (before July 15th, $1600) The hotel will come to 100 euros (US $135) for all 4 nights (light breakfast included). Lunch and Dinner are available at the hotel for an extra 25 euros ($33) a day, but we’ll also be eating in the village nearby. So, the total costs should be around $1000 for airfare (from New York), $300 room and board and another $100 for trips, transfers and extras. That comes to around $3000 for the whole event if you book before July 15th ($3400 after July 15) give or take a few hundred for snacks, purchases, etc.

How much time will we actually spend with Barbara Sher during the retreat?
Barbara will hold two 3-hour sessions each of the full days, and one on the 26th and the 30th, a total of eight 3-hour sessions. She’ll also join you at most mealtimes and on visits to the wonderful restaurants of Ostuni and other nearby towns. Some exercises will be led by Gudrun Schwarzer, the Success Teams Director and translator of Barbara’s books in Germany, who will be assisting for her third Scanner Retreat. Gudrun will also be available to answer Scanner questions and will help you with logistical problems.

There are no individual sessions with Barbara, but because we keep the group size small, there will be many opportunities to take the floor and get personal attention, allowing everyone to learn from the exchange. Barbara always makes time for questions and answers. In addition, Barbara makes it a point to talk to most participants for a few minutes here and there during the day.

How much free time will I have?
Before the morning meeting many participants stroll through the gardens or drive to the beach (about 8 kilometers away). The mid-day break will be at least two hours, sometimes more, and each day's sessions end by 9PM (when the shops in Ostuni are open and restaurants begin to hit their stride). Car rentals are available at airports and most train stations if you'd like to do some exploring on your own.

What if I don’t speak Italian?
You do not need to speak Italian to participate in this retreat. All sessions are in English and people connected with travel or other tourist concerns – planes, trains, taxis, car rentals, restaurants, etc. -- speak English. Matthew’s Italian is surprisingly good. We haven’t asked Gudrun about her Italian but we know for sure that Barbara’s is nonexistent except for a few half-remembered operatic arias.

Do you offer travel or other insurance?
No, we don’t. You can contact your insurance agent or your health providers or search for information on the Internet.

What if I have to cancel?
Because the retreat will be small we will be turning people away once you send your fee, so after Sept 1, there will be no refunds. However you can apply the entire fee to the next Scanner Retreat (which will probably be held in the spring of 2008) or to any U.S. retreats Barbara schedules in the next year.

Is the Retreat about careers for Scanners?
Scanner Retreats are about any and all issues that the participants want to discuss. Sometimes that means finding the right career but it can also mean pursuing all their many interests, or simply getting past being stuck. Some Scanners want to know how to find the one right path for them, or how to combine all their interests or how to choose among them -- or how to do them all and still be successful. In our most recent retreat, all of the participants wanted to design and live an extraordinary life instead of a life with just a few extraordinary moments. After defining what 'extraordinary' meant to each person, we worked mainly on that goal. Barbara loves responding to whatever comes up and is careful to see that no one individual's issues are overlooked. The other members, being Scanners, always jump in to help too. You’ll be practicing special brainstorming techniques and working with unique and powerful resistance processes that Barbara has developed through the years of her professional life.

What do I need to prepare in advance?
It's important to read Barbara’s book about Scanners. (Its title is REFUSE TO CHOOSEin the U.S. and WHAT DO I DO WHEN I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING? in England and 'down under') so the retreat can concentrate on individual or advanced work on Scanner issues instead of repeating the material that’s available in her book. However, she’s always happy to explain anything from the book if you have questions.

Anything else I should know about the retreat?
Spouses or relatives (or friends) are welcome to come with you. There will be plenty of room at the Masseria because the retreat is at the end of September and they will get the same rates as attendees. They can accompany us at mealtimes and side trips and pretty much everything they choose, excepting Barbara's sessions. According to those who have joined us in the past, they'll have a wonderful time, and, if they're not Scanners, it can be an education for them to spend time with the rest of us.

As far as you are concerned, one of the most important things you need to know as a Scanner is that there’s nothing wrong with you. You're almost certainly multi-talented and a born learner, And you'll find it's a remarkable experience to be surrounded by other Scanners. You’re going to love the freedom from critics or skepticism about your many interests and will probably choose to spend much of your free time with the other retreaters. If you've never had the experience before, you're going to love being with other Scanners. Almost all Scanners are wonderful company, very bright, enthusiastic about new ideas, inventive with solutions and almost always friendly, generous and interesting. They love to teach and they love to learn and every retreat is full of helpful and encouraging people. You’ll find that your fellow Scanners will probably understand you better and admire you more than people who've known you all your life and you might make some lifelong friends in Puglia this fall.

So, all you have to do is sign up, pay the fee to hold your space, and make sure your passport is up to date (I hear it might take more time than it used to, so play it safe by checking early) That’s about it. No other preparation is necessary.

Other than that, just be yourself and show up.


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