London Scanners Christmas Party

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London Scanners Christmas Party

Postby john_w » Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:02 am

December Scanners Night is on Thursday 11 December - just 2 weeks away.

Last month was a great event with 40 Scanners attending. See the photos here: ... 5588180550

This month is a little different than most Scanners Nights. This is our Christmas Social and a little more relaxed and informal.

We will be the experts this time. No big presentations but we'll be doing a very interesting new thing (below).

This time we are in the The Old Crown Pub in Central London (we have the lovely First Floor Lounge to ourselves).

If you've never been to Scanners Night before, this will be a nice one to come to. Read more about Scanners Night at

Come to Scanner School
Scanners love to learn so teach us!

We will be running Scanner School for half an hour or more near the start of the evening. This is a chance for anyone to take 3-5 minutes to talk on a subject you’re currently very excited about - and for Scanners of course that could change weekly!

Educate us and share your passion for something interesting - probably not your day job and definitely not a pitch for work.

I’ll take 5 minutes to talk about a concept I learned in comedy improvisation that will change the way you look at the world forever.
Alasdair plans to talk about cashmere: "the best stuff to buy - with examples".
Lynne will explain the Bee Dance (and hopefully will demonstrate it!)

What will you talk about? [You can also choose to simply sit back and enjoy others illuminating us]

Secondly we’ll also have plenty of time for socialising, networking, relaxing and err… drinking.

Your Ticket Directly Supports Brain & Neurology Research
ImageAll profits from December ticket sales (pretty much all income minus some small costs from the booking system etc) will go to the charity The Brain Research Trust directly funding research into Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Brain Tumour, Stroke, MS, Motor Neurone Disease, and CJD. (See

We Scanners are a brainy bunch so it seems appropriate to support this great cause. I’m sure pretty much all of us have known someone with one of these terrible diseases and will appreciate the value of research to find treatments. So please book now!

And please tell others about it so we can be sure to get plenty coming along. (Why not email them this link now?)

Where and When
Venue: The Old Crown Pub, First Floor Lounge
Address: 33 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1BH (Oxford Street / Holborn tube)
Date: Thursday 11th December
Time: Kick off 7pm, Finish around 9:30 or a bit later for those who fancy it.

Choose your ticket price - £7, £10 or £13
Choose how much you want to pay for your December Scanners Night ticket - £7, £10, or £13.

All profit from the ticket sales for this Scanners Night go to the Brain Research Trust (read the details about how on the Scanner Blog here: ... rch-trust/).

All tickets are the same but the more you pay, the more you donate to Brain Research. It's up to you!

Note that these prices are only for tickets booked in advance, all tickets on the door are £15.

Please note that we can’t give refunds once you’ve booked.

Choose how much you want to pay and press one of the orange buttons to make your booking now

PAY £7:

PAY £10:

PAY £13:

Hope to see you there!


PS. Know someone else who would enjoy Scanners Night? Please email them this a link to this page now and help raise some money for the Brain Research Trust.

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